Museum Zaanse Tijd

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Museum Zaanse Tijd (Zaan Time Museum)

The museum is on the Zaanse Schans, at the entrance of the most picturesque street in this area. It is located in an old entrepreneur’s home from Assendelft, which was rebuilt in 1976 on the Zaanse Schans. The building has an atmospheric authentic interior. Our collection of Zaanse and Dutch timepieces beautifully fits in this place. We are keen to introduce you to this heritage!

Museum Zaanse Tijd

If you look around the Zaanse Schans, you will see history. A nostalgic feeling overwhelms visitors when they see the wooden facades, the pinch windows and the low doors. Here, centuries-long memories lie like footsteps of the past in every room. Hundreds of years people slept, cooked, laughed, cried, loved, worked, argued, were born and died within these walls. The Zaanse Schans is still alive, because people work or live in all buildings.

The museum is in a unique spot: The Zaanse Schans. Discover more about live and labour in the  historical Zaan region. 

With the Museumkaart, I Amsterdam City Card and Zaanse Schans Card  you enjoy  free access to our museum!

Our collection includes a large collection of traditional Zaanse clocks.

Take a look at our Virtual Museum to get information about our entire collection.

Museum Zaanse Tijd

Kalverringdijk 3
Zaanse Schans 
1509 BT Zaandam
075 – 61 797 69

Gratis te bezoeken voor Museumjaarkaarthouders.