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Stop the clocks at Museum Zaanse Tijd!

Maybe you’re due to arrive at the Zaanse Schans, where old Dutch and local “Zaanse” traditions are kept alive. Traditions which go back to the Dutch Golden Age. Here, time seems to stand still. Windmills, wooden houses, canvas weavers, a coopery; everything is old yet feels alive. In this place, on the river, a wealthy […]

Dutch Clocks and Watches changed into Zaan Time

Since 1976, the Dutch Clock and Watch Museum in Zaandam has tried hard to show the most complete and interesting rendition possible of the history of time measurement in the Netherlands. Up to 2012, the Netherlands boasted two clock and watch museums: the Dutch Clock and Watch Museum and another museum in Schoonhoven. In 2013, […]

The Time Network

An exhibition about electrical time measurement in the Netherlands, from May 1 until November 1, 2015 in the Dutch Clock and Watch Museum in Zaandam.  From the 19th century the pace of life changed increasingly rapidly. Unprecedented of transportation and communication networks evolved. Time became a universally shared commodity through the time network. Ultimately the […]